Auto Stove Turn Off


  • Auto Stove Shut Off
  • Stove Plug: 250V 40 Amp
  • 4-prong stove plugs
  • Outlets in USA and Canada.


Smart Fire Stop provides Auto Stove Turn Off at affordable prices for everyone.

Easy to install. Just plug and it works. You need to set up motion sensor. It’s Stand Alone automatic stove turn-off with adjustable timer. Perfect stove guard for you kitchen safety.

You have to press the motion sensor button to turn on stove and the stove will turn off automatically when no people in kitchen for one minute. You can set up this timer from one minute to 30 minutes. You also can change this set up to auto turn on and auto turn off motion sensor to control stove. detail at motion sensor for stove

Timer: Smart Fire Stop provides Automatically Stove Turn-off that allow you to set timer from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Max Timer is 30 minutes.
Turning Stove Back On: You have to come back to kitchen to press the motion sensor button again to turn on the stove once the stove has been automatically turn off.

Sensor Placement. The motion sensor must be placed ABOVE the stove and have an unobstructed view of the user. This make the motion sensor work correctly.

What’s included?

  1. Auto Stove Turn Off Box.
  2. Motion Sensor.
  3. Wire from Auto Stove Shut-off Box to Motion sensor. This wire length is about 10 feet that is enough long for your installation.




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