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motion sensor for stove

set up motion sensor for stove

We use Lutron Occupancy sensing switches at the moment and also you can switch to any motion sensor you prefer. We tested this motion sensor and works perfect with our requirements because there is 5 options to match your requirements. You can buy this Lutron Occupancy sensing switches at your local home depot. We used MS-OPS2 model to test and get the perfect result.

  1. Press and hold the button(s) indicated in the picture below.
  2. The lens will flash once at each setting; it will always start at setting 1.
  3. The setting will be saved after releasing the button(s).

Motion Sensor Set up

Custom Settings
Select your preferred settings from the instructions on the following pages before proceeding; default settings are
shown in bold.
Note: User is required to remove the wall plate in order to gain access to the Auxiliary button.
• Timeout is the delay until light turns off after a room is vacated.
• Test Mode is a temporary, short timeout (less than 15-seconds) that can be used to test the sensor’s coverage. After
entering test mode, the device will exit test mode automatically after 5 minutes, or when any button is pressed. If no
motion is detected for more than 15 seconds, the stove will turn off. If motion is detected, the stove will turn on and
continue to stay on for as long as motion is detected. The lens will flash periodically, indicating that motion has been

Motion Sensor Set up 2


Number of flashes


Number of flashes 
1Test mode
21 minute
35 minutes
415 minutes
530 minutes

Example 1a: Changing the Timeout to 15 minutes
1. Press and hold the On/Off button.
2. Release the button after the lens flashes for the fourth time.

Sensor Mode
• Auto-On Daylight Sensing is the mode in which the light turns on only if natural light in the room is low. If the switch
turns on when there is enough natural light, or if the switch does not turn on when there is not enough natural light,
press the On/Off button within 5 seconds of entering the room. Over time, this interaction will “teach” the switch your
preferred setting.
• Manual Off-While-Occupied is a feature that can be enabled or disabled to accommodate different lighting scenarios.
– Enabled: When the occupancy sensing switch is manually turned off, the light will turn off and remain off while the
room is occupied (e.g., during the viewing of a presentation in a conference room or classroom).
– Disabled: When the occupancy sensing switch is manually turned off, the light will turn off. After 25 seconds have
elapsed, the light will turn on and remain on for as long as the occupancy sensor detects motion in the room.

  Manual Off-While-Occupied Actions
Sequence of EventsEnabledDisabled
Room is occupiedLight is ONLight is ON
Occupancy sensing switch is manually turned offLight turns OFFLight turns OFF
Room remains occupiedLight remains OFFLight turns ON after 25 seconds
Room is vacatedLight remains OFFLight remains OFF
Timeout period expiresLight remains OFFLight turns OFF
Room becomes occupiedLight turns ONLight turns ON

Motion Sensor Set up 3

Number of flashes

1Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode);
Off-while-occupied DISABLED
2Manual-On and Auto-Off (Vacancy mode)
3Auto-On daylight sensing and Auto-Off;
Off-while-occupied ENABLED
4Auto-On and Auto-Off (Occupancy mode);
Off-while-occupied ENABLED

Example 2: Changing the Sensor Mode to Auto-On Daylight Sensing and Manual Off-While-Occupied enabled.

  1. Press and hold the Auxiliary button.
  2. Release the button after the lens flashes for the third time.
  3. Wen prefer Number of flashes is 2 for Manual-On and Auto-Off (Vacancy mode). This mode is the most  motion sensor for stove

Advanced Settings

Model Numbers

Number of flashes 
1Motion sensitivity low
2Motion sensitivity high
3Return all settings to default

Example 3: Changing to Low Sensitivity

  1. Press and hold On/Off and Auxiliary buttons simultaneously.
  2. Release both buttons after the lens flashes for the first time.

This page copyright is Lutron not smart fire stop. We just recommend the buyer to use this good motion sensor and so just modified lutro instrution pdf file to this web page. It’s easy for the customers to understand how to set up Lutron motion sensor for our auto stove shut off.